Photo by Delaney Wray – Helsinki, Finland

People tend to say that the fall season comes and go’s the quickest. The last four months of the year seem to be just a celebratory blur of the following:

  •  Leggings and Ugg© boots – all the time, everyday, everwhere, on everyone…
  •  The word of “pumpkin” coming out as constant word vomit
  •  Neighbors dressing up like the Kardashians
  •  Bright colored leaves ending up in crevices where they shouldn’t
  •  Shopping bumper cart wars over a Keureg© on sale that is believed to make all of your coffee dreams come true
  •  Finding an elderly round man dressed in red around every corner saying that “he’s always watching you…

So with these constant reminders of the season, we tend to always be looking forward. Whether it’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah/Christmas/All of December, and New Years, they’re worth celebrating! We are saving up for gifts, going to parties, making travel plans, and we MAY have started our shopping (guilty!)… but have we forgotten about today?

Have we forgotten about the beautiful days and weeks that lead up to these holidays? Why must we wait and anticipate certain days of celebration? Where can we pause, take a breath, and celebrate NOW?

⇒ You woke up this morning. Celebrate.  

  ⇒ You felt the warmth of the sun on your face. Celebrate. 

You ate dinner in the company of good people. Celebrate.

 ⇒ Today is a new day with a fresh start. Celebrate.

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” – Oprah Winfrey

The more you think your life is made up of magic and filled with promise and excitement, it will be just that. The simplicity of walking with awareness and a positive outlook can change the way you view to your life and the life around you. Can you celebrate not only this day itself, but your small victories?

⇒ You got to work early while also having time to grab that pumpkin spice latte. Celebrate. 

⇒ You found time in your schedule to hit the gym/studio this week. Celebrate.

 After work, you made dinner, cleaned the house, and conquered a glass of wine. Celebrate.

⇒ You finished that book you’ve been reading since 2013. Celebrate.

The hardest celebration of all, is the celebration of YOU.

Learn to celebrate your extraordinary mind. It creates each unique thought, idea, and concept of the world around you.

Learn to celebrate your beautiful body. In whatever stage in life you are in, this body has taken you to where you are today. It is flawed; it is blemished; and it is exquisite, because it is YOUR outward story of your soul’s work in this world.

Learn to celebrate your heroic heart. That beautifully beating organ holds tight to your morals, your steadfast emotions, and is the key to unlock your true potential if you only allow it to point the way.

Learn to celebrate your personal path. Sometimes it might lead you in a direction less traveled and not intended, leaving you to lean on your heart and your logic for guidance, every step creates growth.

Photo By: Delaney Wray – Copenhagen, DK

      “Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like & celebrating it for everything that it is.” – Mandy Hale

We move so quickly everyday, searching for gratitude, praise, or celebration in that next week, that next month, or even that next year. That future is never promised. Hold tight of each moment you are given and don’t forget to celebrate it. And when nobody else celebrates you, learn to celebrate yourself; and until further notice, celebrate EVERYTHING!!

Photo By: Grant Griffin – Spokane, WA

Daily Words of Happy:

“Be in love with your life. Every minute of it.” – Jack Kerouac

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